links for may 18, 2014 show

Interested in hearing more from Dr. Shariff Abdullah?  The Commonway website is

Other than videos which are easily located on YouTube, Shariff spoke at the 2008 Seattle Green Festival on Lessons from Sri Lanka (and how those lessons apply to America).

Also, check out this blog post he wrote titled, “Anger-Fueled Suicides — A Society Without Dreams,” from December 14, 2012, but unfortunately still very relevant.  Here is an excerpt of his brief explanation about the post:

I started writing this article with the Oregon Mall shooting on Tuesday.   It is based on an article I wrote on the Kip Kinkel shootings, 14 years ago. I then had to modify it with today’s shootings in Connecticut.  I wonder if I’ll get this posted before it happens again… 

I’ve been saying the same thing for over 20 years.  I really wonder if we’re ever going to pay attention to the real issues…

We will add more links that were mentioned on the show a bit later (we wrote this before air time).  Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments.


our next show – may 18

We are pleased to have Dr. Shariff Abdullah — author, consultant, speaker and societal transformation advocate — as our guest on Sunday’s show.

As Director of Commonway Institute, he has visited over 35 countries and over 100 distinct cultures, giving him a unique perspective on our global human and spiritual issues, and a vision which spans culture and class.  He has proven experience in working with all peoples and in many different situations, bringing harmony in conditions of actual or potential conflict and discord.

We anticipate an engaging discussion.  Tune in to the live broadcast on cable channel 11 at 6 pm, Sunday, May 18.

our next show – may 4

Our next show airs at 6 pm on Sunday, May 4, on cable channel 11.

We will be airing a rebroadcast of a show we did with the engaging Paul Cienfuegos.  If you missed that show, you are in for a treat.  Paul is a leader in the community rights movement.  This movement works by creating new legal structures on a local level to reign in corporate power.  Here is a short video explaining the movement to whet your appetite for Sunday’s show: