links for june 15, 2014 show

Here is some additional media on the topics of net neutrality; media monopoly; community broadband; and related issues. Check our previous post for video introductions to tonight’s guests, Ward Cunningham and Russell Senior.

Free Press web page where you can submit your comments to the FCC on net neutrality and the future of the internet.  Bonus: they have embedded the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) segment on net neutrality.

The First Honest Cable Company:


Video on micro-trenching competition Google hosted.

Connect Us Movie website.  A film project:

We’re making this movie about the awesome range of lifestyles made possible through the web, so if you’re able to live in a camper or a submarine or in whatever makes you happy because of the internet, let us know!

Personal Telco YouTube videos.

MuniNetworks interactive community network map.

More on

At, we provide resources for those joining the movement to build broadband networks that are directly accountable to the communities they serve. Case studies, fact sheets, and video are some of the media we offer to help leaders make decisions about community owned networks.

How Chattanooga, Bristol, and Lafayette Built the Best Broadband in America

Small Alberta town gets massive 1,000 Mbps broadband boost




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