Tom’s Theorem of Democratic Dysfunction

Here is Tom Civiletti’s essay from the October 19th show on election recommendations:

Tom’s Theorem of Democratic Dysfunction

It is generally accepted that the citizenry has the power to express its will through democratic election, but that basic rights protected constitutionally are not subject to such elections. For instance, the majority cannot squelch the free speech of a minority or seize its property in a capricious manner.

There remains an unexpressed principal of constitutional republican government:

No one has the right to vote on the enslavement of the populace.

This principal has remained unexpressed because it has been assumed that the majority would never vote to enslave itself. But an honest appraisal of the actions of US elected officials can lead to no other conclusion than that the populace has voted to enslave itself. That this enslavement has been piecemeal makes it no less real.

That this movement toward enslavement of the populace has occurred through the electoral system is sufficient to demonstrate the dysfunction of that system. We can quickly identify the source of the dysfunction: the people are misinformed by a news media that does not fulfill the duties of the Fourth Estate, and the people are misled by well-crafted and well-funded political disinformation.


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