Support Bill that Transitions Oregon Beyond Coal to Clean Energy

According to Sierra Club Oregon, 71% of voters agree with them that Oregon should transition from coal to clean renewable energy by 2025. Yet Oregon still gets one-third of its energy from coal, much of that coming from out-of-state coal plants, making coal-burning a top source of climate pollution for our state. Pacific Power, Oregon’s second biggest utility company, gets two-thirds of its energy from out-of-state coal plants.

As the Oregon Legislature convenes, we can put pressure on them to support a bill that transitions Oregon beyond coal to clean energy.

Event details:

WHO: Sierra Club activists, coalition partners, and you!
WHAT: Oregon Conservation Network Lobby Day – to call on our legislators to support the coal to clean energy bill
WHEN: Tuesday, March 24th 9:30 am – 4 pm
WHERE: Oregon State Capitol, 900 Court Street Northeast, Salem, OR 97301, we will soon be coordinating meet up locations across the state

Click here to sign-up:


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