Help Stop New Roads in the Polallie-Cooper Wild & Scenic Area

In 2005, Bark and the Cooper Spur Wild and Free Coalition celebrated the cancellation of the Polallie-Cooper Timber Sale, which would have gravely impacted the north side of Mt. Hood.  After years of pressure the timber sale was defeated. Yet the Forest Service has decided to bring back the Polallie-Cooper Timber Sale in 2015.

Submit comments before March 16th!

The Forest Service is billing this project as a commercial “fuels reduction” logging project, with the aim being to reduce fire risk. To accomplish this, the agency is proposing to build eight miles of NEW roads into never-before-logged, roadless areas! Bark advocates for land management practices that reduce road density and recognize wildlands fire as a positive agent of ecological change.

Ten miles south of the community of Parkdale, the Polallie-Cooper project area encompasses the Wild and Scenic East Fork Hood River corridor, portions of a potential addition to the Mount Hood Wilderness, a wildlife migration corridor, the Cooper Spur winter sports area, hiking trails and a sensitive drinking water aquifer. Trails like Dog River, Zigzag, Tamanawas Falls, and Surveyor’s Ridge weave through these forests.

Tell the Forest Service to protect the scenic beauty of this area, and it’s wildlife and waters!


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