Automatic License Plate Readers Track Location Information in Oregon

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon’s new legislative director, Kimberly McCullough, is jumping in on the ACLU’s privacy agenda, which includes a package of important bills and the upcoming lobby day for supporters in Salem.

Join ACLU’s Privacy Day on Monday, March 16.

Did you know that law enforcement agencies across the state are now deploying automatic license plate reader (ALPR) surveillance technology without adequate and consistent privacy protections? They are retaining the location information and photograph of every vehicle that crosses the camera’s path, not simply those that match a warrant. This stored private location data can reveal the travel histories of thousands of Oregonians who have committed no crime.

That’s why ACLU worked with bipartisan support to craft SB 639, one of the ACLU privacy bills designed to impose statewide guidelines for the government’s use of ALPR surveillance.

Other privacy bills ACLU is advocating for:
•    SB 339 – Strict guidelines for the use of automatic license plate readers (ALPR)
•    SB 640 – A warrant requirement to access email, phone, and location records
•    SB 641 – A warrant requirement to search cell phones


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