Political Corruption in America

158 American households comprised nearly half of all the money donated to 2016 presidential campaigns thus far. These donars are disproportionately white, male, old, and wealthy…deriving their wealth from just three industries: finance, energy, and real estate.” DailyKos.com and The New York Times Magazine

Political Corruption

Photo: jimpintoblog.blogspot.com

This week’s TVSet takes on the issue of political corruption and what it means for what remains of the middle class and those struggling to find a satisfying way of life. Tune in for a lively conversation on Portland Cable Access, Channel 11 at 6 p.m. (and Channel 22 for repeats; check the TV Set Schedule for dates and time).

Photo: joelgordon.photoshelter.com

Photo: joelgordon.photoshelter.com

Here are some links that will be referenced on the show:

State Integrety
Scoring how well various states measure up (Oregon got an “F”)
Battle to Expose Government Corruption
The American Anti-Corruption Act | Criminalize Corruption.
What’s in the Act? | The American Anti-Corruption Act
Frequently Asked Questions | The American Anti-Corruption Act
Just 158 families account for nearly half of all presidential campaign donations
Political corruption has been well documented.
Corruption book 3Corruption book 1Corruption book 2

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